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Our technical team of programers, architects and project managers have created a best-in-class cloud based telephony platform that allows our clients to access real-time reporting. We put you in control of your campaign. Our system seamlessly routes calls between agents within our community whether they are home based or part of a brick and mortar call center of your choosing. For call centers integration with our platform is easy, taking as little as a few hours in some cases, and only needs to happen once regardless of the number of campaigns or programs are managed using the technology. 


We identify the highest performing agents for any given campaign and apply best practices across the community. Our dynamic unified scripting ensures that all agents deliver a coordinated customer experience and changes are deployed uniformly. 


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Clarity Reporting

Clarity is our real-time reporting suite designed to give marketers the information they need from wherever they are by simply logging in securely online. An array of reports and an easy to use dashboard make results clear.

Dynamic Unified Scripting

Dynamic Unified Scripting is our technology solution to deliver a single coordinated brand experience. Agents enter directly into the script flow that is used to process orders and communicate with fulfillment software and Clarity reporting.

Intelligent Call Routing

Having access to high performing agents is critical, and getting calls to the best qualified agent for a given campaign makes that possible. With our smart call routing agents within the community receive calls based on skill and category knowledge.
"I’ve used the Expert Planet platform for over a year now on several campaigns and have to say it’s made the process of managing multiple calls centers much easier and more efficient than any other system I’ve used in the past.  Since all of the sales and telephony data is captured directly, only one media and fulfillment export is required rather than one for each call center… it’s as if I’m working with only one call center.  This enables me to process orders more quickly and get media results on time rather than wait for all the call centers individually.  But the true benefit is having the ability to monitor each call center “in real-time” through ClarityTM in a true apples-to-apples environment.  In ClarityTM, one can build custom reports to suit their taste or use any of the standard reports.  It’s truly a time saver!  I can’t imagine managing multiple call centers the old fashion way ever again."

-Brian Sweeney, COO; Dynamic TV Marketing

"The team at Expert Planet is great to work with - they really understand the intricacies of what makes a DRTV campaign work and make sure those touch points are integrated into their telemarketing campaigns.  The communication, feedback and solutions they provided were topnotch."

-Caitlin Cooper, Business Development Manager; Cannella Response Television