Dynamic Unified Scripting

Our Expert Agent Community is able to drive higher conversions and higher average order value while building brand association because we only accept a high level of professionalism in our agent selection process, great training, and… our powerful Dynamic Unified Scripting engine. Our technology team built this feature set along with veteran call center managers and agents, translating their knowledge of tele-services process excellence into a single application now available to you.

  • Dynamic: Based on a callers answer the next question changes to reflect the best offer, training tool or customer service response. Agent responses are best matched to callers' needs.
  • Unified: All agents, whether work-from-home or sitting in any physical call center in the world see the same call script pop and thus adding additional agents is reproducible. Changes are deployed to all agents simultaneously.
  • Scripting: All the information an agent needs to meet a callers needs is pre-configured and pops as a call is routed to a given agent. Because all orders and data points are entered into the same platform unified reports, fulfillment and media files regardless of how many agents or call centers are in the community.        

If you are a high performing call center looking to join our community and gain access to out best-in-class scripting technology. Contact us today!