Frequently Asked Questions

Created in 2008, Expert Planet, LLC offers you a new way to work. We are a virtual call center and cloud based technology company that provides a variety of work opportunities to independent contractors. Expert Planet make it easier for motivated individuals to earn a high income in a flexible work-at-home environment based on their schedule.
Becoming an Expert is easy! Complete our Application Form. Once you have submitted the application, we will review your qualifications and determine if you are the right match for one of our upcoming projects.
No, there are currently no up front fees associated with applying to becoming an independent contractor for Expert Planet.
Yes, all applicants who apply to become an independent contractor for Expert Planet must complete an industry standard background check.
Our business model, our clients and our PCI security certification requires that we maintain the highest standards for contracting with quality independent contractors. Therefore all applicants must meet certain background requirements.
A low credit rating does not automatically disqualify you for all program types.
Yes, all of our independent contractors must be at least 18 years of age.
Yes, all of our independent contractors must legally reside in the United States.
Expert Planet certifies independent contractors in most of the 50 states. We do however make specific sourcing decisions based on the needs of our clients on a state-by-state basis.
Unfortunately, Expert Planet does not contract with individuals in Canada at this time.
Yes. All independent contractors must provide a Tax Identification Number. If you are self-employed (sole proprietorship), you may use your Social Security Number for your Tax Identification Number. Your state may have unique requirements, so please check the requirements in your state. If you are a corporation, LLC or partnership, you will have a tax ID for that entity. At year end, Expert Planet will provide a 1099 - Miscellaneous Income Form for your year-end tax reporting purposes if the revenues for your business meet the IRS minimum.
An Expert is someone who applies their unique expertise, passion, and sales skills to build profitable customer relationships for our clients. Each Expert will contract with Expert Planet under an Independent Contractors Agreement in order to sell products and services on behalf of our clients.
Experts will invoice Expert Planet for fees and incentives earned during an invoice period: the 1st through 15th, and the 16th through the end of the month. Once an Expert’s invoice is confirmed, the funds will be automatically deposited into their bank account. Each Expert must be able to accept funds through direct deposit to be eligible to get paid.
Unlike most work-at-home business models, Experts are not paid on a per-minute-of-talk-time basis. Instead, each program will have a unique performance-based payment structure, which allows our Experts to EARN MORE than they would at other call centers. For these programs, a commission will be paid to the Expert based on sales performance and by their ability to meet quality and compliance standards. In addition, there are many other opportunities for agents to earn additional income including: • Team Leader • Quality Assurance • Training or Coaching • Product Category Advisor • Expert Referral Bonuses
After you apply, prospective Experts will be notified by email. The email will contain detailed instructions for attending our online introductory seminar. Once you have completed the seminar, we will provide further instructions for advancing to the Expert Certification Process.
Once Expert Planet receives all necessary agent documentation and the agent has passed a background and credit check, the agent may begin the Expert Certification Process. Depending on the complexity of the client program and the number of products being sold, agents can complete certifications and begin selling and earning money within a week.
Before each new program starts, selected Experts will receive an online program information kit with details on the client and brand, the products that are to be marketed and sold, training dates, call script guides, expected duration of call activity, the agent compensation plan and much more.
As an independent contractor, you can provide services for as many or as few hours as your schedule permits, although some clients may specify weekly minimums to maintain program certification. Our clients often run national media campaigns day and night, so there are always opportunities to provide your services - and make money!